How to Solve The Biggest Problem of Night Potty Training


Moms, is it really the biggest problem- “Night Potty Training“?

How_to Solve Biggest Problem of Night Potty Training

And the answer is YES. Not all but most of the moms like me, for whom night time kids bedwetting is an every night trouble. And I asked everyone who closes to me and has same age group of kids like mine.

How many wet bedsheets change during sleeping hours?

How to give night potty training to your kid?

These were some of the mine common questions from them.

And now I learned experienced and happy to share my views with all.

What exactly the problem with night potty training ?

baby-19295_640Kids are the very sound sleeper, and they don’t like to be disturbed in sleep hours. Asking them to pee after they fall asleep, is a big big BIG hassle of approximately 30 minutes, 5 minutes for taking them to washroom and 25 minutes to make them sleep again.

This is also ok, but what about the late night, when you are sleeping too, and kids make everything wet. Or in that sleepy mood, ARE YOU READY to handle tantrums of half an hour?

So, how to train the kid for potty training at night?

Is there any solution or just need to changing diapers whole night??

Solution: Pull-ups?

potty_trainingReally is it the solution! I don’t think so. It is just a waste of hard working money on shit or else is it?

Diapers companies earn a high turnover for these diapers and pull ups, which are nowhere helping your kid to change potty habits.

So what is the solution for this biggest problem of every Mamma?

Good News! Good News!

A proven solution is here for all moms who want their toddlers or 18+ months above kid to start potty training at night or day.

Night potty training tips:

Here are some tips, you must follow them before starting the night time training to avoid bedwetting accidents.

ad1First, train your ward for day time potty training– First perfectly train your ward for daytime potty training. Once you assure and your kid stays dry during the daytime, he /she is ready for the next step of potty training at night.

While starting your potty training schedule, design your kid’s meal schedule as well.

Enhance the liquid intake during day time- Water is very important for life, you know this. Fulfill your ward’s body demand of liquid in the day time and try to reduce during night time.

Calculate the time interval of your kid between two potties. And design your training program according to that. Every kid has approximately 1 hour or 2-hour gap.

Problems while Kid is not trained-banner2

  1. Wet Bed sheets:- How many times you want to wake up to check your kids and change the wet bedsheets.
  1. Restless nights:- Every mom has a restless day due to very young kids, and if the kid is not potty trained than restlessness is continued for the night too. So how to train your kid at night is very important.
  1. A cause of cough:- cold infection from wet clothes- If kid remains in wet clothes, it can be a major cause of cold n cough, which in the long run can cause a severe infection.
  1. Diaper rashes:- If use diapers for a long time, it can cause sensitive skin and rashes at surrounding areas.
  1. Cost:- Diapers, pull-ups, dry sheets all are very heavy for your pockets for using the long run. A big part of your hard earning money is going for only these things, which you can spend on other growth and learning of your kid.

How to Start Potty Training at Night:

Now we know many things about the potty training of kids, so now time to start potty training through the night.

Layers Your Kid’s Bed-

Prepare bed in 3-4 layers for nighttime accidents. You can never be sure that from very first day, your kid will wake up and go for washroom for potty.

So prepare yourself for night wakeups and checks. Do layers of 3-4 absorbing sheets and bed sheets on your bed to quick change if potty accidents occur.

Night time potty training alarms-

set alarm for night time trainingPee alarms or bedwetting alarms are one of the most trusted and proven methods to guide your kid for night time toilet training. Mostly kids are in deep sleep during bedwetting and they are unaware of wetness until they wake up.

These training alarms help to develop coordination of brain and bladder, so the kid will not urinate during deep sleep but will wake up as bladder needs to be released.

It will not happen in just one day, but daily practice will help you to relax soon, but you have to monitor some necessary things before setting an alarm-

Your kid’s normal bowel movements

His/her time duration for next pee i.e. 2 hrs or 3 hrs or if frequent urinates,

Decrease all liquid intake in the night.

Now when you are confident about basic needs, stop using pull ups and prepare your multiple layered beds to solve your kid’s bedwetting and deep sleep problem.

You can find the easiest way for night time toilet training in just 3 days here

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